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Some faculty members, who are fluent or near-fluent in a foreign language and wish to maintain or build their fluency in the target language, create C-LAC sections to assist their students to maintain or build their own fluency. Within the C-LAC program, the professor adds a C-LAC component description to his or her syllabus and recruits students to participate. C-LAC sessions are typically led by selected C-LAC assistants who may either be chosen by the professor or the C-LAC Coordinator. C-LAC assistants meet with the professor teaching the primary course and the C-LAC Coordinator throughout the semester to ensure that the material in the C-LAC section integrates well with the course objectives and other assignments of the primary course. C-LAC assistants report regularly on the activity level of each student in the section, and the professor makes the final pass/fail determination.

Some professors work with students who are interested in completing research or independent projects or papers in a second language under their guise. In these cases, a language faculty member may be consulted for assistance with correcting papers if a C-LAC assistant is not found. Professors are awarded stipends, in the form of Professional Development reimbursement accounts for offering C-LAC sections. For 2 to 4 students, faculty receive $400; for 5 or more students, faculty receive $500.

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Questions about the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Program (C-LAC) should be directed to Anthony Russell.