Resources for faculty

Faculty may find the resources below helpful as they plan their C-LAC sections.

Sample UR C-LAC sections
Course Semester    
French First Year Seminar: What is France Today?  Culture, Politics, and National Identity S 2011 Delers, O.
Spanish GEOG 370 - Economic Development, Globalization F 2010 Finley-Brook, M.
French MLC 335 - Bombs, Bolsheviks, and Ballet: Soviet Culture and Civilization F 2010 Howell, Y.
Spanish CLAC Spanish Amazonia S 2013 Salisbury, D.
Spanish Human Resources Management S 2014 Hiller, G.
Spanish Topics in Biology S 2014 Gomez, F.
Spanish Latin American Politics and Film S 2015 Pribble, J.
Chinese First Year Seminar: From Berlin to Paris, Texas: The Cinema of Wim Wenders S 2015 Delers, O.
Teaching resources

Teaching tips and resources from other institutions

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CLAC Assessments

CLAC Assessments

CLAC Assessment 2012-2013
Global Studio

The Global Studio exists to help members of the University community use technology to enhance language learning and effectively communicate across cultures

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