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International Center Galleries

The International Center Galleries are public exhibition spaces used for visual art exhibitions that relate to the mission of the Carole Weinstein International Center and the Office of International Education.

If you are interested in exhibiting work in one of the gallery spaces, please send Sara Jaax (Manager, International Communications and Events) the following information regarding your request:

  • Detailed description of the exhibit
  • Dates of the exhibit including dates needed for installation
  • Opportunities for collaboration with the Office of International Education surrounding the exhibit
  • Other needs

Please note that reservations for either gallery should be made at least one semester in advance.

Past exhibitions include “Nelly Agassi and Assaf Evron: Recent Work by Two Israeli Artists,” inaugural exhibition in the International Gallery, "Mapping the World from Richmond's Spatial Analysis Lab" featuring maps created by Adrian Bellomo, '10, Ashley Fortner, '11, Travis Henschen, '12, Jonathan Mayfield, '10, Curtis Thomas, '11, and Carly Vendegna-Ramirez, '10, “Feed Me Art," 2010 Senior Thesis Exhibit," featuring the art work of University of Richmond alumni: Jonathan Ashe, Megan Bell, Leigh Donahue, Anthony Ferguson, Ashley Foxen, John Frey and Amy Mathis, "Achachis y Bordados: Storytelling Embroideries from Chijnaya, Peru," featuring a selection of traditional embroideries, called “achachis” made by the artisans of Chijnaya, Peru, film stills from the documentary "Faces of Communism" directed by Zhivko Illeief and Charles Mike, '11, recipients of the 2010 Davis Projects for Peace grant; and Frames of Reference: Images from the 2011 Faculty Seminar Abroad.

Visit the Galleries

The International Center Galleries are open daily from 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.