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International Center Digital Signage Posting Policy

The following are policies and procedures to post digital signage (D-flyers) on the digital signage display (LCDs) in the Carole Weinstein International Center. 

About D-flyers

In order to provide students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors with current information about programs, events and opportunities, LCDs have been installed on all three floors in the International Center.

D-flyers should be used primarily to advertise specific events. Greetings and non-specific advertisements will not be prioritized for approval. 

Submit a D-flyer

  • Submit d-flyers to
  • Include start and end date with the d-flyer
  • If the event is canceled, please cancel the d-flyer by email, or as needed, submit a new d-flyer advertising the cancellation

Design Tips

D-flyers should be designed with PowerPoint, Keynote, or graphic design software (InDesign, Illustrator, etc.). For PowerPoint or Keynote, format the page to 16" wide and 9" tall. For InDesign or Illustrator, preferred dimensions are 1280x720 pixels. Please limit file size to 35 MB. 

  • Keep words to a minimum. Include only key information: title, date, time, location, contact info 
  • Keep fonts large and easy to read
  • Keep text off the edges
  • D-flyer(s) will be displayed for roughly 8 to 10 seconds
  • PowerPoint animation does not work on the LCDs


D-flyers will be posted within five business days of receipt. Digital signage space is limited; please be considerate in limiting the frequency and length of display times.