J-1 Visitors

Visiting international scholars may be eligible to apply for a J-1 exchange visitor visa.

  1. Complete the University's DS-2019 Authorization Form and scan and email a copy of your passport information page to Krittika Onsanit.
  2. If you are eligible to come to Richmond as a J-1 exchange visitor, you will receive a DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status. Upon receipt, sign the bottom of DS-2019 immediately.
  3. If this is your first time participating in a Department of State Exchange Visitor Program, you will need to pay a $180 SEVIS fee using the SEVIS ID number from your DS-2019. If this is not your first time, visit the SEVIS I-901 fee website to determine if you need to pay this fee.
  4. Visit the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program website for instructions on applying for the J-1 visa.
  5. Read the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure to familiarize yourself with the requirements of coming to the U.S. as an exchange visitor.
  6. For instructions on arriving at a U.S. port of entry, read the USCIS Fact Sheet.

Health Insurance

J-1 scholars are required by the U.S. Department of State to have health insurance that meets their minimum benefit levels. If you qualify for the University's employee health insurance plan as a full-time employee, you will receive information about it from the Dean's office along with your appointment letter. However, this plan is not effective until the 1st of the month following the month you begin your employment. If you require coverage during this one-month gap, contact Krittika Onsanit if you would like to enroll in our international students and scholars health insurance group plan.

If you have not been offered health insurance coverage as part of your contract, please notify Krittika Onsanit so you can be enrolled in the group international student and scholars plan at your own expense.

The University will not pay for health insurance for J-2 dependents.

If you wish to use an existing health insurance plan that meets the regulations for you and your family, please provide proof of insurance by e-mailing a copy of your policy and enrollment information to Krittika Onsanit.

Current J-1 Visitors Transferring from Another U.S. Institution

J-1 exchange visitors transferring from another U.S. institution must complete the F-1/J-1 Transfer Request Form and submit it to Krittika Onsanit. Upon receipt, we will transfer your DS-2019 from your current institution on the requested transfer date and issue you a new DS-2019 from Richmond.

Exchange Visitor Program Services



Contact Information

Krittika Onsanit, Director of International Scholar Services
Phone: (804) 287-6499
Fax: (804) 289-8904