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Fulbright Application Process

  1. Create an online application profile: The application system usually opens in the beginning of April. The sooner you register, the sooner we can assist you.
  2. Make sure you review the Application Components and Tips pages on the Fulbright website.  Make sure you pay particular attention to the requirements of the country you’re applying to.
  3. Submit your complete application through Fulbright’s Embark Application System by the on-campus deadline.  This sends the application to UR’s campus Fulbright Advisor, not to Fulbright itself. You will have the opportunity to revise this submission.
  4. Your referees should also submit their letters by the on-campous deadline. These are sent through the Embark application system as well. If a language evaluation form is required, make sure it is submitted also.  Ask your referee or language evaluator to submit their forms as soon as possible.  The more information you give them about your project and/or your goals, the stronger their letters are likely to be.  Alert your recommenders to the following links containing advice about letters of reference for ETA and research/study Fulbright grants.
  5. Research/study applicants will need to upload their signed letter of affiliation as soon as it is made available.
  6. Make sure you submit an unofficial transcript.  These are available online through your BannerWeb account.  Although not required, it is recommended that you also submit transcripts from a study abroad experience
  7. Once your application has been submitted, an on-campus interview will be scheduled with a Faculty Fulbright Committee.  The aim of these interviews is to help you revise and strengthen your application.  Members of the committee will be particularly interested in your knowledge of and motivation for engaging with the host country, in the feasibility of your project, and in your academic qualifications. 
  8. Following the on-campus interview, you will be able to access your application for revisions.
  9. You must submit your final application by Fulbright’s deadline for it to be considered.
  10. National screening committees will review your application and all applicants will be notified if they are semi-finalists by the end of January. Candidates selected as semi-finalists will have their applications reviewed by the host country and final notification of selection will be made in the spring (mid-March to the end of June).