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The Office of International Education understands that parents of international students may have special concerns about their son or daughter's well-being during his or her time in the United States.

All parents of international students are encouraged to learn more about the University of Richmond by visiting the parents' section of the University's New Spiders website.

Parents are also invited to attend a special Parent Orientation for parents of incoming students.

In Case of Emergencies

The University of Richmond has its own Police Department, which conducts a variety of services and activities on campus along with law enforcement. If you suspect your son or daughter is in danger or having an emergency, call the Police Department at (804) 289-8715 (or (804) 289-8911).  

Additional Resources

State Council of Higher Education provides an overview of the higher education system, including information about transferring between universities, a list of publications geared towards students and their parents, and one-on-one help through the Virginia Mentor program.

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