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Fall 2021 Study Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UPDATE as of December 18: UR is proceeding with most programs abroad for the Fall 21 semester. For further details or if you have questions, please contact a member of the study abroad team or consult these FAQs.

Which programs will run next year?

We are re-opening most programs with the hope that global mobility resumes more normally with the fall 2021 semester. Staff in International Education are keeping track of conditions and policies in the countries where we plan to send students. For an up-to-date list of programs and current entry requirements, please click here.

What if I am a rising senior who was unable to go abroad this year due to COVID-19?

If you were previously approved for study abroad and notified International Education that you hope to go abroad for the fall 21 semester, your original Gateway Abroad application will be re-activated. If you are asking to change programs, the advisor for the new program will be in touch with you regarding your application.

Previously approved students will be placed in the same program as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements, the program is open for fall 21 and space is available in the program.

If you are a rising senior and did not apply for a semester abroad in AY20-21, then you will apply as a new applicant. New applicants will be asked to list second and third choice programs.

Rising seniors who are changing programs or are new applicants will be reviewed before new applications from non-rising seniors.

What can I expect of entry requirements?

At this time, entry policies and requirements are likely to change as vaccines become more available worldwide. Airlines and governments will likely adjust policies. Our staff will continue to monitor these and will provide updates as more information is known.

For more information on travel and health guidelines, please consult the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory and the IATA Travel Centre. Another good article to read regarding how future travel may look is available here.

Will I be able to travel within my study abroad country, and to other countries, while abroad?

Regional travel, or even travel within your study abroad country, may be limited due to restrictions placed by local governments or by your study abroad program. If conditions improve, you may be able to travel more freely. You’ll need to make sure you understand and adhere to local guidelines (e.g., quarantines, testing, visa requirements, etc.).

Will programs in the southern hemisphere with early start-dates (e.g., Australia, South Africa, South America) be available for the UR fall 21 semester?

We ask students interested in studying in the southern hemisphere during UR’s fall 21 semester to be flexible as the start dates of these programs are normally quite early, ranging from early July to early August. Pandemic conditions and entry restrictions may not have changed enough by then to allow these programs to function as normal.

As of now, we are proceeding as if it will be possible to go to these destinations; however, if the regulations do not change to allow exchange students to enter then your study abroad advisor will be in touch with you to discuss other opportunities or a withdrawal without penalty.

Further possible changes

If conditions deteriorate or if students are not permitted to enter certain countries, it may be necessary to cancel programs going forward. We will continue to monitor the global situation in partnership with our colleagues in the U.S. government, our insurance company, and our educational partners.