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Spring Semester 2021 Study Abroad

UPDATE as of October 5: UR is proceeding with a limited number of countries and programs abroad for the Spring 21 semester. For further details or if you have questions, please contact a member of the study abroad team or consult these FAQs.

International Education announces the opening of applications for Spring 2021 study abroad programs, with some changes in our process and timeline due to the global pandemic. Students can apply for those programs we believe are most likely to provide a productive study abroad experience, and we hope that conditions in some locations will change favorably over the next month. Please note that students who reside outside the United States may have more opportunities given restrictions on entry for U.S. students to some countries.

As the University considers the possibility of study abroad for UR students, we will rely on information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. State Department, host country government and NGO sources, and our insurance provider, in addition to information from our partner universities and affiliates.

  • We ask interested students to contact a member of our study abroad team at in advance of applying or by scheduling an appointment at your earliest convenience. Advisors will be able to discuss particular considerations for each individual student’s academic and personal interests, as well as the latest information about entry to and conditions in study abroad locations. Some locations that do not currently permit US travelers have instituted exceptions for students and others have a late spring start to the semester.
  • COVID-19 conditions vary by country, and sometimes by region within a country. The list of programs available for spring is shorter than usual. Students will find the available programs at The list may change over time.
  • We encourage each student to research the locations abroad regarding COVID-19 entry restrictions. These may include a two-week quarantine, required testing, and limited travel within and between countries. You may find the resources below to be helpful.

UR will communicate a decision about proceeding with the Spring 21 semester abroad for some or all programs by early October. For further details, please contact a member of the study abroad team or consult these FAQs.

A hallmark of a UR education is the opportunity to engage deeply and globally. While the world has changed, our commitment to international education has not. We wish you and your loved ones good health and safety, and appreciate your partnership as we all navigate the pandemic.