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Host Family Program Application for Students

Being a part of the Host Family Program gives international students the opportunity to make new friends, experience the family life of a local Richmond family, and contribute to greater understanding of other cultures by educating Americans about their home country. It is a supportive "home away from home" for international students.

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Student Testimonial

"From advising me about my classes and majors to helping me adjust to my new social life, Ellen and Brian (my host parents) have played a major role in my college life. I remember the countless times they went to the trouble of transporting me to the malls and airports. Then there were those days when I needed to talk to someone and Ellen was always there for me despite her busy schedule.

"It's amazing how much they care about me. I know my college experience would have certainly been different and harder if I didn't have such nice, supportive, caring and loving host-parents like Ellen and Brian. My fondest and sweetest college memories are of those times I spent with them."

- Farheen Khurrum, Bangladesh