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Drawing upon faculty scholarship and expertise throughout the region, and the hundreds of students on our campus who are from Asia and/or have Asian heritage, the University of Richmond will spotlight Asia for our 2019 cross-campus celebration of International Education Week. Programming will include music, a “Backstory” podcast on the history of Chinese innovation, including the opening of relations with the United States in 1979, discussion panels, culinary samplings, lectures, films, and more!

Why Asia Week?  |  How can I participate?

Asia in the Classroom

  • Jessica Chan, Chinese Studies

    Chinese Literature and Cinema

  • Monti Datta, Political Science

    Modern Slavery

  • Jane Geaney, Religious Studies

    Chinese Healing Arts

  • Gengsong Gao, Chinese Studies

    Chinese Literature

  • Andy McGraw, Music

    Global Music

  • Dan Pierce, Biology

    Teaching Science to Tibetan Monks

  • Bob Spires, Education

    NGOs and Social Healing

  • Akira Suzuki, Japanese

    Japanese Language and Taiko Drumming

UR-Asia Connections

Spiders Abroad Photo Submissions: Asia!
Colleen Egan, Singapore
India 2015

by Ryan McEvoy, \'17
Dal Lake in Kashmir, Gargi Vyas, India.