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International Education Week

Since 2017, the University of Richmond has promoted the value of deeper connection to cultures through International Education Week, part of a national effort to highlight the importance of global engagement, dialogue, and cultural exchange. We work with faculty, students, staff, partner organizations abroad and the Richmond community to learn together on campus through classes, lectures and discussion, the annual Ecochallenge created with the Office of Sustainability, and cultural activities.

Through International Education Week (IEW) we hope to encourage stronger ties among our diverse community and curriculum to expand the breadth and depth of shared knowledge and understanding. We have been glad to see this type of engagement result in increased interest in study abroad in featured locations. Past IEWs have also seen the highest attendance in UR history for special D-Hall dinners; more than 300 campus members adopt new, sustainable behaviors that saved 3,340 gallons of water in a year when Cape Town suffered drought; and visits to campus by scholars, diplomats and study abroad partners.

Despite COVID-19, UR will celebrate IEW 2021 in November with a focus on Chile.