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International Scholars

The University of Richmond welcomes international scholars and staff from around the world each year. All five schools at the University actively recruit international scholars in varying disciplines to conduct research and teach courses.

The University values these scholars not only for their contributions in their academic expertise, but for the international perspectives they provide to the University and the greater community through lectures, readings, performances, and in-depth discussions with faculty and students alike.

The Office of International Education has a limited yearly budget that can be used to assist with the expenses related to bringing a visiting international scholar to UR. Preference will be given to those bringing scholars from partner institutions. Departments that seldom request funding for scholars are urged to submit requests for funding. The OIE has two visiting scholar offices that may be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a host department, there are a number of tasks which you (or a person you delegate from your department) are responsible for completing. Please see this checklist for information regarding the tasks involved with bringing a visiting international scholar to UR for a semester or a year. Please see this checklist for information regarding the tasks involved with bringing a visiting international scholar to UR for short stays.

Requests for funding should be received at least 1 year prior to bringing the scholar to UR to ensure the best likelihood of receiving funding. Please send requests for funding to Martha Merritt, Dean of International Education. Include the following in your request:

  • Name of host department
  • Name of host mentor
  • CV of visitor
  • Budget for visitor’s stay
  • Plan for visitor’s responsibilities and outcomes while at UR (which should include teaching load, presentations, class visits, etc.)

Upon completion of his/her stay at the University of Richmond, the visiting scholar is expected to submit a report to Shani Buchholz in the Office of International Education, which should include the following information:

  • Courses taught and other activities in which the visitor participated
  • Topics on which the visitor taught/gave presentations
  • Number of students in courses and lecture, and faculty involved in the visitor's stay
  • Future plans for engagement with the University of Richmond or any particular faculty and students

International Perspective

We encourage academic departments and student organizations to organize lectures, brown bag discussions, performances, and classroom visits featuring international scholars.