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Travel Allowance

Undergraduate and law students participating in University of Richmond semester abroad programs receive a travel allowance and, in a few cases where the cost of living is exceptionally high, a living allowance. The allowances are intended to help with—not pay the complete costs of—travel and living abroad. To find out the exact travel or living allowance for your country, go to the brochure page on GatewayAbroad and click on “Dates and Costs.” 

The travel allowance is automatically applied as a credit to the student's UR account 10 days prior to the first day of class abroad, and will be listed as "UR Abroad Program Travel Allowance" on the invoice/account. Students do not need to submit any paperwork or request a reimbursement to receive the travel allowance. Students on financial aid from Richmond may contact the financial aid office for information on how this additional allowance will be factored in to the existing financial aid package.

After paying all of the UR charges listed on the bill, you may request a refund by direct deposit of any remaining funds from the Student Accounts Office. For more information about direct deposit, call Student Accounts (804-289-8147).

Law students receive an additional $500/semester stipend.

MBA students are not eligible for travel/living allowances, nor for reimbursements.

Reimbursable expenses are separate from the travel allowance.

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