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Must Read Reimbursement Information

The following documents are “must read” for any student seeking reimbursements for eligible expenses related to their UR semester or year study abroad experience. Knowing this information will help ensure that your reimbursement requests can be processed more quickly.

Important: Please note that these are to compliment, not substitute, the reimbursement policies and procedures provided on the Reimbursements website.

Receipt FAQ

What to do if no standard receipt was provided (online or printed)

Supporting documentation needed for non-standard-receipt proofs of purchase (e.g., bank statement, money order copies, etc)

Reimbursements Cheat Sheet

Tips on Saving Receipts as PDF or JPG files 

Excursion Reimbursements by Program: International Education prepays excursion fees on some programs, and offers reimbursement by request on others. Refer to this page for full details.