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Financial Aid

Students studying on a UR program who are on financial aid are eligible to receive their aid for a study abroad semester or year provided they meet application deadlines and eligibility criteria. University funding for study abroad is available for up to two semesters.

In order to be eligible for financial aid, students must be enrolled full-time while abroad. Full-time enrollment is defined as the equivalent of at least 3.5 UR units per semester abroad for undergraduates. Failure to enroll full-time will jeopardize your financial aid eligibility.

For more information, see the Financial Aid website for study abroad.

Applying for Aid

Check with the financial aid office for more information on using financial aid to study abroad or check out the financial aid FAQ page.

They also can answer questions about using merit scholarships to study abroad, as well as options for student-athletes on scholarship, summer program participants, and using financial aid for non-UR programs.