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Non-UR Program Policies

Policy for Non-UR Semester and Yearlong Programs

The University of Richmond invests considerable time, effort, and resources in the creation of study abroad programs consistent with the needs of its students, with University standards, and educational objectives. Therefore, students will be expected to enroll in Richmond programs unless they have a compelling academic reason to attend a different program and successfully complete a petition process.

Deadlines: typically 3rd week in January prior to the fall semester abroad and typically 2nd week in September prior to the spring semester abroad. In all cases the deadline to submit non-UR petitions is earlier than the deadline for application to Richmond programs to allow time for the student to apply to a Richmond program (if desired) in the event that their petition is not approved. Please email the Study Abroad Office for specific dates.

Students considering a non-UR program should meet with an advisor in the Office of International Education to discuss their situation and obtain petition materials.

A successful petition will demonstrate the sound academic and cross-cultural quality of the non-UR program and a compelling reason why no Richmond program can serve the student's academic needs.

Decisions regarding petitions will be made by a subcommittee of the International Education Committee in collaboration with the Office of International Education (OIE) and the departments from which the student is seeking academic credit.

Non-UR petitions will not be reviewed or decided upon until after the petition deadline has passed. Decisions are normally made within two weeks after the petition deadline.

Transfer credits for study abroad will be awarded only for pre-approved programs.

Students approved to study on a non-UR abroad program are not eligible for UR institutional funding while abroad, but may still be eligible to receive federal and state financial aid. Contact the financial aid office for more information.

Participants in approved non-UR programs will be assessed a $1,500 administrative fee.

Please note that it is not possible to withdraw from Richmond, take part in a non-Richmond semester abroad program, and then transfer credit back to Richmond from that program.

Also, Richmond students may not study at Richmond exchange or affiliate programs and transfer credit back to the University without having been accepted into the program through the Office of International Education.

Policy for Non-UR Summer / Winter Break Abroad Programs

Students planning to earn Richmond transfer credit from Non-UR summer abroad or Winter Break abroad programs must register their program participation online by the deadlines below. Additionally, a study abroad Course Approval Form must be signed by relevant faculty members and submitted to the Registrar by the same deadlines below.

NOTE: Non-immigrant students wishing to take courses over summer or winter breaks at institutions in their home countries are required to complete this registration process.

Register your participation:
Non-UR Summer abroad program registration
Non-UR Winter Break abroad program registration

Summer abroad: June 1, prior to departure
Winter Break abroad: December 15, prior to departure

A transcript must be issued by an accredited university or institution and sent directly to Ms. Brianne Meagher in the Registrar’s office.

Retroactive program registrations:
If you have already completed a Non-UR Summer or Winter Break abroad program but didn't register it before you departed for abroad, you need to retroactively register your program now to determine if your credits can be transferred to Richmond. Click here for instructions; only use this link for retroactive registrations.