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Things to take care of after returning from abroad

Have your say about your program abroad

Please complete a Final Report on your study abroad program. Your input will help us monitor and improve Richmond programs in the future. It will also serve as an advising tool to help other students planning to study abroad. Be aware that we may post some of what you write on the web for public viewing.  

Log in to GatewayAbroad, open your relevant study abroad application, and look for the Final Report under "Questionnaires".

Housing at UR for returnees

See the Student Housing website on study abroad to review the policies regarding housing at UR for returning study abroad participants.

Credit transfer for returnees

The Office of the Registrar needs two things to record study abroad credit on your UR academic record.

Completed course approval form(s). If you did not work with UR faculty members to do the Course Approval form before going abroad, then do this ASAP after your return to avoid trouble registering for next semester’s courses. Please read the Registrar's Credit Transfer webpage for details.

Transcript from abroad. To check whether your transcript from abroad has arrived, and/or to check that course approvals have been correctly applied to your UR record, log in to Bannerweb and look toward the top of your record (not chronologically), where transfer units/credits are listed. If your transcript has not been posted to Bannerweb approximately two months after the end of your program abroad, please contact the Office of International Education for information and assistance. Check back on Bannerweb periodically to see when the units/credits are posted. If the records are posted but are not correctly listed, contact the Office of International Education (Robins School students contact Dr. Tom Cossé). Be aware that your study abroad institution will not send your transcript if you owe them any money (library fines, housing fees, etc) and will not usually prompt you to pay the bill; be sure to pay all your bills before you leave your program site. Also be aware that UR needs to receive your transcript directly from the administration of your program abroad. We cannot process transcripts that are sent to students and then brought to the OIE.

Financial aid for returnees

To receive assistance from any of the need-based financial aid programs at UR, from federal loan programs, or from most private loan programs, students must maintain “Satisfactory Academic Progress” toward the completion of their degree requirements. An evaluation of your progress is made at the end of each academic year, including an evaluation of your earned credits and GPA.

Tuberculosis Testing

Remember to have Tuberculosis (TB) testing 8-12 weeks after returning from any country with a high incidence of TB. TB testing is available at the SHC during the academic year. Call the UR Dial-A-Nurse at 804-289-8700 to schedule an appointment.