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Once you have chosen a first choice program, you will submit your application through that program's brochure page on GatewayAbroad. Applications are only accepted during open application cycles, which usually coincide with the beginning of each semester.

By clicking "apply now" on your program of choice and logging in, you will start an actual application. You will then need to complete and submit several sections:

  • Questionnaires: Application form broken down into sections including an essay component.
  • Materials: Information that you will need to submit by email, campus mail or in person.
  • Signature materials: Some documents that can be signed electronically and submitted online.
  • Recommendations: Submit an electronic request to 1-2 faculty recommenders, depending on the program.

You can start the application, save your work, and return to it at a later time.

After the study abroad deadline passes, all applications are reviewed and evaluated by relevant OIE staff members. Additionally, applications of business majors are reviewed and evaluated by the associate dean of international business. 

Application Components

Application Fee

There is no fee to apply to a semester- or year-long UR study abroad program. However, students may have their applications withdrawn and/or may be charged a $200 late fee if application requirements are not submitted by the posted deadlines. Please see the UR Study Abroad Late Application Fee Policy for more detailed information.

Program/Course Selection

All students will apply to a first choice program and, as part of that application, will designate a second choice program. One or both of your first or second choice programs must be an exchange/direct enroll program. If only one of your choices is an exchange/direct enroll program, your other choice can be an affiliate program. The reason for this requirement stems from UR's study abroad philosophy of immersion not only in a foreign culture, but also in a foreign academic system. Our exchange/direct enroll programs are designed to facilitate this kind of immersion. We also offer affiliate programs to round out the curricular offerings available to serve the unique academic interests of UR students.

Among other things, you will be asked to list your tentative course choices at your first and second choice programs. Therefore, you will want to use the links to the host university's course catalog, posted on that program's brochure page in GatewayAbroad. Some institutions may only have a previous year's course catalog available; it is okay to list courses from a past year's catalog for this initial application purpose. Final course selections will be made at a later date.

Transcript Request

Your official University of Richmond transcript is required as part of your study abroad application and the OIE will obtain this on your behalf from the registrar. In order for the OIE to request your transcript, you will submit a Transcript Release form as part of your application. Note: Be sure to clear any administrative holds on your student account, which prevent issuance of your transcript.

Students who transferred to the University of Richmond will also need to submit an official copy from their previous university by the application deadline. The OIE cannot request this on your behalf.


The essay section of the application is important. It consists of two (2) short essays of about 500 words each which will be assessed not only on their content but also on grammar and style. Together, the following points should be addressed:

1. Explain why you are applying to your first-choice study abroad program and how taking part in it will help you achieve your academic, personal and career goals.

2. Summarize the research you have done about the institution and country where you hope to study.

3. Indicate the subjects you hope to take abroad and describe your academic preparation for taking them.

4. Based on past experience, describe how you will adapt to the cultural differences that you will encounter while abroad.

5. Choose to address option A or B: (A) Discuss your thoughts on and reactions to an article that you have read on an issue (political, cultural, economic or historic) of major importance to the country where you hope to study and its relevance to your potential experience there. NOTE: Do not just summarize the article. Include appropriate citations. (B) Describe an in-depth personal interaction with an international exchange student studying at UR from the country you wish to study in, and how this has affected your thinking about study abroad.


Students also will need to obtain a faculty recommendation. Once you start an online application, you will select a faculty member's name from a drop-down menu and the system will send an electronic invitation to complete the recommendation and will guide the faculty member to the secure online form. Many professors prefer that students ask them first in person if they would be willing to complete the recommendation.

Science majors only - all declared or intended Science majors must have a recommendation from a Science faculty member.

CV (business students only)

Students with a major in the Robins School of Business will need to submit a one-page curriculum vitae (CV) via Word attachment to Kim Duren. This document may be submitted at any time prior to the application deadline.

If you have any questions about the online application system or about any of these details, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to working with you!

TOEFL Scores (non-native English speakers only)

Students whose first language is not English may be required to submit TOEFL scores to the host university abroad. Richmond cannot allow students to make copies of transcripts/records that have been submitted as part of their original UR application. Please see the ETS FAQ pages for information about Paper-based Tests and Internet-based Tests.

Changes to Application

Once your application has been submitted, you will not be able to change the information online.

If you wish to switch programs, defer enrollment, or reactivate an application, please contact a study abroad advisor at

May I submit a paper-based application?

No, you must apply online. Please contact the Office of International Education if there is some reason why you cannot use the online application, and we will assist you.

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