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It’s never too early to start planning for a semester or year abroad. The information below is designed to help you take the important steps to make your semester or year abroad experience a reality. Like any journey, it takes some exploration, research, and a little bit of paperwork! We hope this information will help you take the first important steps.


You may have always dreamt of studying abroad or you may have come to the idea recently. Either way, you’ll want to begin to think about your study abroad goals and what you hope to get out of your study abroad experience. Things to consider range from academic and cultural goals to finances, so be sure to think through all of these before diving into the options.

Each study abroad program sponsored by the University of Richmond is described in detail on our Gateway Abroad portal, which you can use to search programs by criteria such as program type, academic subject, minimum GPA, language of instruction, or housing options. You can use this feature to start building a list of programs that meet your criteria so you can discuss it with your family and advisors at UR. We encourage you to keep an open mind, consider options that you might not have thought of before, and ask lots of questions. As you explore the program options, keep in mind that we’ll ask you to list a first and second program choice as part of the application.

For Business Majors Only
Business majors who plan to transfer business credit back to UR from their study abroad experience should consult the list of study abroad partner universities that have been specifically approved by the RSB for business transfer credit. This list is a subset of generally approved UR study abroad options. Business majors may apply to study onanyapproved UR program if they do not intend to transfer back any business credits from their semester/year abroad.

Information Sessions

Ready for the next step? We’ve got you covered. General study abroad information sessions are offered in order to help students learn about the process and procedures for studying abroad. Prior to meeting with a study abroad advisor and submitting an application, we strongly encourage students to attend an in-person information session or watch the recorded session.

Click here for the current session schedule or to sign up for the link to the recorded session video.

For Robins students:
In addition to the session conducted by staff in International Education, business students are required to attend the Center for International Business Programs information session prior to submitting an application for individual advising. Learn more about when and where the RSB study abroad sessions are offered.

Meeting with Advisors

From your academic advisor to a peer advisor, you can find lots of people excited to share their knowledge with you and support you on this journey. See our Advisor page[link] for more detail.

Academic Advisor
Connecting with your academic advisor is important early on so they can help you plan for the best time to consider going abroad, programs that suit youreducational goals, and how to consider completing any necessary requirements.

Study Abroad Advisors
IE study abroad advisors look forward to providing information and support throughout the process of studyabroad—before, during and after! Our team can help you with any question no matter how big or small.Each advisor has a specific programmatic or geographic region of responsibility, but they are each highly knowledgeable about our process and programs. You can schedule an appointment and find out more about each advisor’s area of expertise by clicking here. [link to new advising page]

Language Abroad Advisors
If you are applying to a study abroad program in which the language of instruction is not English, refer to the webpages below to see which faculty members can advise you.

Languages, Literatures,and Cultures – Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian

Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies – Spanish, Portuguese
Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies majors and minors must meet with the professor responsible for their particular study abroad program. This meeting is optional for non-majors who will be taking classes in Spanish or Portuguese.

Budget Planning

Can I really afford to study abroad? We know this is an important question on the minds of many students and their families. UR is committed to making an international experience attainable for qualified students. We have made detailedcosts clear for each program so that you can plan early, and have provided a number of links to scholarships and other resources. Some of these require advance planning and an additional application, but we’re here to help you through it. Our study abroad team can address financial questions during the one-on-one advising with IE staff or with the staff of the financial aid office.

Here are a couple of important things to keep in mind:

  • Students pay University of Richmond tuition for UR semester and year-long programs and financial aid will be applied to these programs.
  • Each Richmond student approved to study abroad on a UR semester-or year-long program receives a $1,000 travel allowance each semester. Please see the Support for Semester Abroad page for further details.
  • Each study abroad program’s brochure page in Gateway Abroad provides the most recent information about costs.
  • Study abroad scholarships are available through the University as well as external sources.

Learn more about the application itself, and when you are ready, apply through GatewayAbroad. Once the decision date arrives, you will receive more information about what to do next if you have been approved to study abroad.

There is no fee to apply to a semester- or year-long UR study abroad program. However, students may have their applications withdrawn and/or may be charged a $200 late fee if the application requirements are not submitted by the posted deadlines. Please see the UR Study Abroad Late Application Fee Policy (PDF) for more detailed information.

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