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Application Process

It’s never too early to start planning for a semester or year abroad. Starting early will maximize your opportunity to fit in graduation and degree requirements while at Richmond or abroad, so you can study abroad and graduate in four years.

Getting Started

Information Sessions

To get started, attend an information session to learn the process and procedures for studying abroad. Attendance is expected of all applicants prior to meeting with an advisor and submitting an application.


You’ll then begin to think about what you want out of your study abroad experience and explore study abroad options. Things to consider range from academic and cultural goals to finances, so be sure to think through all of these before diving into the options.

Each study abroad program sponsored by the University of Richmond is described in GatewayAbroad, which you can use to search programs by criteria such as program type, academic subject, minimum GPA, language of instruction, or housing options. Start building a list of programs that meet your criteria so you can discuss it with your family and advisors at UR.

As you explore the program options, keep in mind that all applicants will apply to a first choice program and, as part of that application, will designate a second choice program. One or both of your first or second choice programs must be an exchange/direct enroll program. If only one of your choices is an exchange/direct enroll program, your other choice can be an affiliate program. The reason for this requirement stems from UR's study abroad philosophy of immersion not only in a foreign culture, but also in a foreign academic system. Our exchange/direct enroll programs are designed to facilitate this kind of immersion. We also offer affiliate programs to round out the curricular offerings available to serve the unique academic interests of UR students.

For business majors only - Business majors who plan to transfer business credit back to UR from their study abroad experience should consult the list of study abroad partner universities that have been specifically approved by the RSB for business transfer credit. This list is a subset of generally approved UR study abroad options. Business majors may apply to study on any approved UR program if they do not intend to transfer back any business credits from their semester/year abroad.

Meeting with Advisors

Your academic advisor can help you decide the best time to go abroad. Meet with your advisor early to discuss how you will be able to study abroad and graduate in four years.

IE offers optional advising appointments. You can meet with a peer advisor––a senior who studied abroad and has been trained to answer questions about IE policies, the application process, how to look up courses, and much more.

Once you’ve narrowed in on a specific region, you can meet with the study abroad advisor who represents that area. You may meet with more than one advisor if you are interested in more than one region.

If you plan to take courses in a language other than English, you may be required to meet with a language abroad advisor before submitting your application.

A peer advisor or an IE advisor can give you the names of UR students who have previously studied abroad. Students who have recently returned or who are still abroad are often very willing and even eager to share their experiences with you as you are making your decision about where to apply.

Budget Planning

Each program’s brochure page in GatewayAbroad provides budget information, but you also may want to talk to past participants about personal travel and entertainment expenses, which are not on our budget sheets.

Start planning your finances early to make sure you take advantage of financial aid and scholarships.


Learn more about the application itself, and when you are ready, apply through GatewayAbroad. Once the decision date arrives, you will receive more information about what to do next if you have been approved to study abroad.

There is no fee to apply to a semester- or year-long UR study abroad program. However, students may have their applications withdrawn and/or may be charged a $200 late fee if the application requirements are not submitted by the posted deadlines. Please see the UR Study Abroad Late Application Fee Policy (PDF) for more detailed information.

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