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The Study Abroad team aims to be a source of accurate and valuable information for the University of Richmond community. Below is an outline of the services students can expect and some other services our office isn't able provide.

What we regularly do for students:

  • Help select a program that meets your academic and personal goals
  • Inform you about UR policies and procedures
  • Explain differences in the educational system of your host institution
  • Advise you on your housing choices for your program
  • Obtain special health insurance that will cover you while abroad
  • Offer guidance on resources for travel, work, and volunteer opportunities
  • Conduct pre-departure orientations
  • Arrange re-entry activities and preparation
  • Provide instructions on pre-registration for your return to Richmond
  • Provide information on applying for housing upon return to Richmond
  • Facilitate the credit transfer process for courses eligible for transfer to UR

What we aren't able to do for students:

  • Approve courses for you (this must be done by the department chair or designated faculty member)
  • Send in your application for a non-UR program
  • Obtain your UR parking permit for use upon your return to UR
  • Forward your mail overseas
  • Make your travel and flight arrangements
  • Apply for your student visa or passport
  • Remove registration holds and register you for classes at Richmond upon your return
  • Register students for classes abroad
  • Select and apply for housing abroad
  • Guarantee you a particular room upon return to UR