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It's widely known that 65 percent of recent Spider graduates have studied abroad. It's also widely known that student athletes, first generation students, men, students of color, and STEM majors study abroad at much lower rates than the general student population -- at UR and across the country. For many students, any number of barriers dissuade them from studying abroad, including finances, academic scheduling, and lack of travel experience.

EnCompass is UR's groundbreaking new program aimed at eliminating many of these barriers to study abroad and providing students “at risk” of graduating without an international experience the opportunity to begin navigating the world. Leveraging the international expertise of select faculty on campus, EnCompass programs are instructor-led, short-term programs that act as an accessible first study abroad experience for these populations. Each program teams faculty and students who have studied abroad with students making their first, of what we hope will be multiple, international experiences.

2019-20 Programs

Cape Town, South AfricaMaymester 2020
Future Cities and the Environment: Richmond, Cape Town, and Durban

2018-19 Programs

  • Cuba - Theater Performance
    Professors Patricia Herrera and Mariela Mendez
  • Chile - Political Leadership and Democracy
    Professor Jenny Pribble
  • India - Teaching Science to Tibetan Monks
    Professor Dan Pierce
  • South Africa - Museum of Inequality in Johannesburg
    Professor Laura Browder and Elizabeth Schlatter
  • Thailand/Cambodia - NGOs and Social Healing
    Professors Monti Datta and Bob Spires

EnCompass 2018-19 Programs Map