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"I was inspired by the passion for democracy in Chile while on EnCompass. Chile is also where I found my appetite for walking down unfamiliar streets and striking up conversations with people from different backgrounds."  James, 2019

Established in 2019, EnCompass is UR’s flagship program to provide access to international experience for those least likely to study abroad: first generation students, students of color, student-athletes, STEM majors, and male students. Faculty members lead these formative and fully-funded experiences to places they know well and can share deeply.

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"I realized that there is a gap between what I learn in the classroom and what I learn being with the people who are actually on the ground and experiences these things in their daily lives."  Eljoy, 2019


While 65 percent of recent Spider graduates have studied abroad, many students who are at risk of graduating from UR without an international experience find finances, academic scheduling, and lack of travel experience to be a barrier. EnCompass eliminates these barriers to study abroad and provides these students who are less likely to study aroad with the opportunity to begin navigating the world. Each program teams faculty and students who have studied abroad with students making their first, of what we hope will be multiple, international experiences.

"I learned many lessons while abroad and will take them back home, but the biggest of these is certainly the civic engagement of the citizens of South Africa."  Robby, 2019

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"We went on a bike tour in Soweto. The tour guide said that people usually come through on tour buses like it’s a safari. Through the bike tour, we could see that the people who live there are just like us."  Amaya, 2019

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