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Summer Study Abroad

01/15/2021 ANNOUNCEMENT on Summer Study Abroad:

The state of the global pandemic and the remaining uncertainty about vaccine availability, along with frequent changes to travel regulations around the world (especially group travel), mean that we are not able to offer our traditional summer study abroad programs. The health, safety and travel restrictions we would have to impose for longer travel over the summer could compromise the quality and integrity of the programs and we think that, unfortunately, the uncertainty is too great.

We are currently working to see whether it is possible to design one or two US-based UR summer courses with a possible shorter international travel component for later in the summer if travel is possible by then. We will hope to provide further detail about this possibility in early February.



It’s impossible to understand other cultures without living in them, and summer is the perfect opportunity for immersion within a shorter timeframe. Experience new cultures, challenge yourself, increase your language proficiency, or connect with a new culture and arrive home enriched and better prepared for the global proficiency increasingly required for your career after graduation. UR's summer study abroad options are especially suited for student athletes, STEM majors, and others who may have difficulty being away from campus for traditional semester or academic-year programs.


UR Summer Study Abroad

Dates and application requirements are unique to the individual programs offered each summer. Review each program’s dates and costs carefully and submit your application on time.

Students are encouraged to meet with a faculty leader or study abroad advisor when considering which programs may complement their desired course of study at Richmond.

Non-UR Summer Study Abroad

In addition to the UR summer study abroad options listed above, UR students are allowed to participate in summer study abroad run by other universities and programs, including summer programs run by UR partner universities and affiliate programs. Students planning to transfer credit back to Richmond must register their Non-UR Summer Study Abroad program online no later than May 20.

UR Summer Internships and Service Learning Abroad

For information regarding Summer Internships and International Service Learning, please see the School of Professional and Continuing Studies website.