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The University of Richmond campus celebrated International Education week (November 13-17, 2017) by going Danish, that is, by teaching about Danish environmental, social and political life in classes, eating Danish foods, engaging in hygge and other cultural traditions, adopting sustainable Danish behaviors, and tracking the ways in which these choices affect our environment and well-being as a campus.

Lets Go Danish: In the Classroom

  • Chris Bischof, History

    Dr. Bischof will be incorporating Danish culture into his First Year Seminar, “Modern Masculinities” by exploring how egalitarianism in Danish workplaces and families affects the Danish conception of Masculinity.

  • Joanna Drell, History

    Dr. Drell will incorporate teachings and a guest lecture on the Vikings in her First Year Seminar course "Telling History," which examines fantastical stories of heroes and lovers, travelers and monsters.

  • Mary Finley-Brook, Geography

    Dr. Finley-Brook is incorporating themes of Danish sustainability with her current Geography and Environment curriculum.

  • Jeannine Keefer, Art & Art History

    Dr. Keefer will be using the film "The Infinite Happiness" in her classroom during lectures and discussions on architecture and public housing.

  • Angela Leeper, Education

    Ms. Leeper will organize a professional development opporitunity for local foreign language teachers to receive continuing education credit. Participants will read and attend a book discussion on The Little Book of Hygge then participate in the Candle-lit Campus Walk.

  • Todd Lookingbill, Geography

    Dr. Lookingbill is incorporating themes of Danish sustainability with his current Geography and Environment curriculum.

  • Jenny Pribble, Political Science

    Dr. Pribble is going Danish for her sections of Introduction to Comparative Politics by using Denmark as a case study for analysis of a Welfare State.

  • Anthony Russell, English

    Dr. Russell is teaching Hamlet, Prince of Denmark as part of his Shakespeare unit, which will include student readings for Danish Week.

  • David Salisbury, Geography

    Dr. Salisbury will incorporate themes of the Danish sustainability model, and how this model is realized in other Nordic territories.

So what is Danish hygge?

Danish Week Events Calendar

There are no events currently scheduled.

Highlights from IE Week 2017: Let's Go Danish