Extend your classroom to more than 60 countries around the world.

Extend your classroom to more than 60 countries around the world.

Spiders have numerous options abroad that complement their studies, career goals, and academic time lines - fall, spring, or summer. They receive a minimum of $1000 for a semester abroad or are even fully funded for an EnCompass experience. That’s why more than 65% have a significant international experience before they graduate - and you can, too!

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Programs and timelines that fit your path

At Richmond, the question is not whether our students will encounter the world while here - it's when and how often. More than 65 percent of students make the most of their time by studying abroad on semester, short-term or summer programs that fit within their academic paths. These experiences away from campus provide opportunities for all students to blend intellectual pursuits with cultural immersion.

The Study Abroad Team

Our team has the happy responsibility to partner with students as they thoughtfully combine and complement their intellectual and personal pursuits with study abroad experiences that fit their own unique and demanding ambitions and goals that brought them to Richmond. Here are some of the things we¿re happy to help with:

  • Selecting a program that meets your academic and personal goals, including the appropriate curriculum, location, and other aspects of the global engagement
  • Offering programs of varying lengths and types to increase access for all students
  • Helping to make finances and available scholarships understandable
  • Supporting students who may not easily think that a global experience is for them
  • Making sure UR policies and procedures are clear and available
  • Facilitating passport, visa and other regulatory requirements
  • Pointing you to resources for travel, work, and volunteer opportunities
  • Providing orientation activities before leaving campus and reflection opportunities upon return

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