Cuba - 2016


The 2016 Faculty Seminar Abroad took place June 1 - June 8, 2016 in Cuba. Participants studied the chosen region through an interdisciplinary lens. The 2016 seminar had two co-leaders, Dr. Lazaro Lima, Associate Provost, and Dr. Odette Casamayor, a colleague from the University of Connecticut.

The participants participated in 3 on-campus preparatory meetings during the spring 2016 semester, including general orientation to the region and important information about logistics.

Questions about the content of the Seminar can be directed to Martha Merritt.

Seminar Participants

Laura Browder, Professor of American Studies and English

Rafael de Sa, Professor of Biology

Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor of Theatre

Lazaro Lima, Associate Provost, Professor of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies, and Professor of English

Martha Merritt, Dean and Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education

Jenny Pribble, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies

Ernesto Seman, Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies

Andy Spalding, Assistant Professor of Law

Jonathan Wight, Professor of Economics and Professor of International Economics