Faculty who wish to offer a C-LAC section linked to their courses should submit a C-LAC section proposal form. These proposals will be reviewed by the Associate Dean and others as appropriate. If you are proposing a C-LAC section for the first time, we recommend that you submit your proposal within the first three weeks of the semester. 

If you have want to re-open a previously taught C-LAC section, simply contact Ellen Sayles, Associate Dean of International Education with the course name and CRN.

Planning your C-LAC

C-LAC sections are led either by the faculty member in charge of the course, or by C-LAC Student Assistants chosen by the professor. Sections should meet at least ten times during the semester, each session lasting approximately 1 hour. However, C-LAC sections that center around research/writing projects and require significant independent work may meet a minimum of five times during the course of the semester.

C-LAC sections led by Faculty

Faculty leading C-LAC sections themselves should have a level of proficiency in the target language appropriate to the work that students will undertake. For example, if the section will focus on conversation, faculty should have near-native fluency in the language; if the section will focus on research in the context of an independent project, reading proficiency may be sufficient.

C-LAC sections led by Student Assistants

The topics, activities, and materials to be engaged in these sections are determined by the professor of the primary course in collaboration with the Student Assistant. C-LAC Assistants meet with the professor teaching the primary course throughout the semester to ensure that the material in the C-LAC section integrates well with the primary course's objectives and other assignments. C-LAC assistants report regularly on the work of each student in the section, and the professor makes the final pass/fail determination. C-LAC students should have native or near-native proficiency in the target language. 

C-LAC student assistants receive an hourly wage, and are authorized to work up to two hours per week (one hour to prepare the lesson, and one hour to teach).

In those rare cases in which a professor has insufficient proficiency in the target language of a C-LAC section, and in which no C-LAC Assistant is available, another faculty member with such competency can be asked to oversee the section by leading regular discussions and grading relevant papers or projects. This faculty member will receive compensation for the section.

Faculty will be awarded stipends, in the form of Professional Development reimbursement accounts, for offering C-LAC sections. Faculty will only receive funds for registered students across all C-LAC sections. 

Faculty Professional Development funds for C-LAC sections taught by Faculty alone

(based on the number of students registered across all C-LAC sections):

  • 1-4 students, $200 per student
  • 5+ students, $1,000 total

Faculty Professional Development funds for C-LAC sections taught with Student Assistant 

(based on the number of students registered across all C-LAC sections):

  • 1-3 students, $150 per student
  • 4+ students, $600 total