Visit Existing or Proposed Program Abroad

Faculty and staff play a valuable role in the process of establishing and maintaining connections with Richmond exchange partners. The Office of International Education (OIE) supports faculty and staff visits to existing and proposed programs abroad through assistance with establishing contacts, suggestions on travel logistics, and by covering some expenses.

Each visit should include meetings with colleagues as well as the exchange institution's international office. Faculty and staff are encouraged to meet with Richmond students currently studying abroad, as well as students from the host institution who are interested in the University of Richmond or who have been selected here in the future.

If time is available, faculty and staff may also wish to visit local high schools to promote study at the University of Richmond.

The OIE will cover expenses for days during which University work is being conducted. Travel days and weekends are also covered when business is conducted on a Friday and Monday. Faculty and staff may allow one free day on University funding to explore the city, as this is an essential part of getting to know the location.

Propose a Visit

Begin by contacting Ellen Sayles to discuss your proposal. Business faculty should also contact Thomas Cosse, associate dean for international programs. After these meetings, submit both parts of the Travel Abroad Proposal Form: Part A is the proposal description and Part B is an estimate of expenses. Part B requires a department chair's signature. Both parts must be submitted to the OIE.

Preparing for a Visit

As part of the planning process, faculty should meet with the OIE staff member who manages the exchange program or country that will be visited. The OIE will provide a list of questions to ask the exchange institution as well as posters, videos, and publicity materials to distribute. In addition, the staff can provide appropriate gifts for colleagues abroad.

The OIE can also assist as faculty contact partner institutions abroad to arrange appropriate agendas. When possible, arrange a campus tour and on-campus accommodations and meet with colleagues and students. When a high school visit is possible, consult the OIE staff and meet with the Senior Associate Director for International Undergraduate Admission.

Faculty and staff are responsible for arranging their own travel and lodging. Refer to the University's travel guidelines.

At least two weeks prior to departure, complete the Short-Term Abroad Health Insurance Request Form in order to obtain insurance paid for by the OIE.

While Abroad

Take at least twelve photos at each institution--classroom, housing, staff, UR students abroad, library, etc. Keep any receipts for film or developing for reimbursement from the OIE.

Begin to fill out the Report on International Travel.

Upon Return

Follow the travel reimbursement guidelines through the Controller's Office.

Within three weeks of returning, submit a typed report to the OIE. Use the Report on International Travel as a model.

Schedule follow-up meetings with Ellen Sayles and the appropriate OIE staff member.