Why UR?

We not only value your presence here, we need it. Now more than ever, global perspectives matter at Richmond. They permeate and add value to our campus community. Roughly one of every eight students comes from a country outside the United States, and that reality helps ensure that no matter what course students take, they’ll encounter at least one international perspective in their courses.

Because of our uniquely generous financial aid, Richmond remains accessible to international students. You will also find generous support through programs and events designed to show how welcome and vital you are to our community. Through our Host Family Program you will find a place and a group of people here to ease your transition and create a sense of belonging.

As a city, Richmond continues to fascinate as a place to explore American history, from the American Revolutionary War to a controversial chapter in our history -- the Civil War -- and today’s transformations around the James River. The River City is also conveniently located two hours south of Washington, D.C., and only hours away from the mountains and the coast.

Getting Involved

Students who come to Richmond can expect to find a wealth of opportunities to get involved in campus clubs that range from almost every interest you can imagine. Those who join campus organizations often report how engaging and fulfilling it can be when fully immersed in campus life.