It is not unusual for students to wish to extend their study abroad to a full year either in the same or to a different study abroad site. If you would like to stay for the year, please follow these important steps.

  1. Consult your UR academic/major advisor to discuss your course plans for the extended semester abroad to confirm that you can still graduate as scheduled. Business school students should also contact Fae Bell, Director of Business Study Abroad Programs.
  2. Contact your Richmond study abroad advisor about your interest in and reasons for extending your time abroad. Your UR study abroad advisor will discuss your request with the UR partner abroad.
  3. Your study abroad advisor will also need confirmation that you have discussed your plans with your academic advisor.
  4. If you are approved to extend you time abroad, you will also need to do the following:
    • Consult the international office at your institution abroad and/or relevant consulate regarding procedures for extending your student visa status, if applicable.
    • Ask your host institution if there are any other protocols/forms (registration, housing, etc) you must complete once approval is given to extend for the year.
  5. Confirm your decision with IE:
    • Email your completed Study Abroad Extension Form to your UR study abroad advisor confirming that you have complied with the above steps and that you intend to stay abroad for the year.
    • Upon receiving this confirmation, IE staff will:
      • notify all relevant offices/departments at Richmond of your plans to extend;
      • extend your health insurance to cover you during the gap between semesters and for the additional semester; and
      • assist you in processing forms for the institution abroad (only applicable to students changing study abroad locations).