Application Details

You’ve done your research, talked to your advisors and are ready to move forward. Now what? It’s time to apply!

Semester Study Abroad Application Deadlines

Spiders apply for semester or year-long study abroad in the semester prior to the one they would like to be away.

  • Fall abroad application cycle normally opens in December prior to winter break with most deadlines in early February.
  • Spring abroad applications open in August with most deadlines in mid-September.
  • For current application deadlines, click here.

Hints for Completing the Application

You’ll be asked to complete two applications—the UR application for approval to study abroad and the program or partner’s application which may have a different deadline than UR’s.

  • Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you will apply to your first choice program using our Gateway Abroad online application. You can find the Apply Now button on your program’s brochure page.
  • You’ll be asked to list a second (or sometimes third) choice program. At least one of your programs must be an exchange/direct enroll program. Why do we require this? We believe that immersion in a foreign culture and in a foreign academic system is one of the best ways to really know and understand a culture different than one’s own. Our exchange/direct enroll programs are designed to facilitate this kind of immersion.
  • The application consists of some short answers to personal, academic background and interest questions; an essay describing your educational reasons for applying to study abroad; and some documents to read and sign. Some programs require a recommendation from one or two faculty members. In some cases, applicants may also require approval from a language advisor.
  • Students with a major in the Robins School of Business will need to upload a one-page curriculum vitae (CV) to their online application by the application deadline.
  • If you transferred to UR after studying at one or more universities for at least one semester (fall/spring only; not summer), your official transfer school transcript may be required. Detailed instructions are provided in the "Are you a transfer student?" question on the online application.
  • If you later want to switch your existing application to a different program/term, just fill out this brief online form. International Education staff will notify you once the switch is complete. Until then, just continue working on your application with your new 1st choice program in mind.

Once the study abroad application deadline passes, all applications are reviewed and evaluated by IE staff members or the associate dean of international business (for business majors).

If you have any questions about the online application system or about any of these details, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to working with you!