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Study Abroad: Discover AND Explore the World

Before graduating, more than 65 percent of Richmond students go abroad to discover the foreign. They not only discover new things, they explore them, toomaking connections to their major field of study and learning cross-cultural nuances that later set them apart in an increasingly competitive job market.

International Students: Enriching Campus Life

Students from more than 75 countries come to Richmond to study for a semester or a full four years. They are actively engaged in campus life, integrate with their domestic counterparts, and enrich classroom learning on a daily basis.

Faculty: Catalysts of Internationalization

Faculty are key to internationalization at Richmond. They foster intenational perspectives in the classroom through research that is conducted in every corner of the world, and they take students along for the journey.

International Programming: The World at Richmond

Through a variety of concerts, lectures, films, and art exhibitions each semester, the campus and local community are able to connect to the farthest corners of the world, beginning in Richmond.

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UR Learning Abroad

    Happening internationally via Richmond...

    Countries Provided Stones to Construct Courtyard
    Undergraduates from 46 States and 74 Countries
    Incoming Students With A Native Language Other Than English
    of Undergraduate Students Have Experience Abroad