Credit Transfer

Making sure that you receive credit for your semester abroad is one of the most important steps you will take. The study abroad section of the Registrar's website has specific details, forms and answers to many of your questions, including FAQs, Fulfilling Degree and Graduation Requirements, Units Earned Abroad, and the Course Approval Form.

Here are some highlights:

If you participate in a University of Richmond semester abroad program or if you have successfully submitted a petition and have been approved for a non-Richmond semester abroad program, you will automatically receive elective transfer credit for courses taken abroad, provided:

  • Courses are taken for a grade, not "pass/fail"
  • You earn the equivalent of C or better
  • Courses are not a repeat of, orvery similar to, ones you have already taken
  • Subject areas of courses are offered at Richmond

Students seeking to fulfill degree or general education requirements must seek course approval from the appropriate faculty member or department chair. Note that students will not earn transfer credit if the student has not been approved for study abroad by International Education.

Also please note:

  • No credit transfer will be awarded for a course or internship which is a repeat of or similar in content to one already completed at UR.
  • Students studying in non-Anglophone countries are required to take a course in the local language (if available), even if this course is not for credit. Extra tuition fees for a language course on UR semester abroad program are considered part of your tuition and you will not pay separately for these. Please contact your study abroad advisor if you have any questions.
  • FOR ROBINS SCHOOL STUDENTS:Please read the important information regarding credit transfer and policies specific to business school students.
  • FOR LAW STUDENTS:Please contact your study abroad advisor or the Registrar’s office for information on credit conversion.