C-LAC Course Structure

All C-LAC sections are divided according to language, but the actual C-LAC sections offered will vary from semester to semester depending on the primary courses to which they are tied.

All students registered in the primary and cross-listed courses to which a C-LAC section is attached (regardless of the section number), and who have the required language ability level for that particular section (as determined by the instructor), will be able to register for the C-LAC section. Also, any students who have taken those courses in the past and have the necessary proficiency in the target language will be able to register in the associated C-LAC sections if they wish.

In the case of less commonly taught languages (all but Spanish, French and German), some exceptions could be made to allow students into the corresponding C-LAC sections even if they are not registered in the main course or they have not taken the course in the past. This will be done on a case by case basis, and will require the permission of the C-LAC coordinator.

C-LAC sections should normally meet at least ten times during the semester, each session lasting approximately 1 hour. However, C-LAC sections that center around research/writing projects and require significant independent work may meet a minimum of five times during the course of the semester. Some meetings may be replaced by online discussions, primarily in Blackboard, but also in chat-board discussions or blogs.


C-LAC sections will appear on Bannerweb under Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum. Current course listings with a C-LAC component will appear under the appropriate language category. For example: An Economics 102 course with a C-LAC Spanish section will display as:

C-LAC    250    01    AS    1.000    SPAN LAC: ECONOMICS 102

Students will be able to register for these courses using BannerWeb within the first five weeks of classes. Faculty are encouraged to announce the C-LAC section in class as early as possible, introduce the C-LAC assistant (if any) to the students, and encourage students to register for the section as soon as the CRN is known. 

C-LAC Assistants

If you are hiring a student assistant for your C-LAC section, they must be authorized to work on campus before starting work. Please notify International Education, Assistant to the Dean, of any new hires.