The Return

Nearly two-thirds of Richmond graduates study abroad before commencement, a stat that gives UR a No.2 ranking in the country among peer baccaulaureate institutions. But what's available to students once they return from study abroad?

"My greatest challenge was being with myself in an unknown and challenging environment -- putting expectations for myself into perspective and the parts of myself I wasn't comfortable with."

Through the input of other students who have returned from UR study abroad programs, International Education has developed a unique re-entry experience called The Return: a reflective, cross-campus journey intended to help students unpack (figuratively!) and process their recent international experiences. Somewhere between at scavenger and self-guided walking tour, this student-curated experience is designed to have returnees seeing Richmond, and themselves, with new eyes.

"I learned to be receptive to difficult cultures and go out of my comfort zone to better understand them. Now that I have matriculated back to campus, I want to get to know more students outside of my social circle so that I can develop a more holistic perspective."

That's about all we're willing to share about this quasi-clandestine, contemplative trek. But, see what Richmond's CBS 6 had to say about The Return.

"I had to learn to be okay with not having a complete grasp of my surroundings or fully knowing my next step."

"I have carried my confidence back to Richmond, but my abroad self was more independent and more on the go than my Richmond self."

When We Offer the Return

The Return is offered once per semester near the beginning of the term. Our goal is to catch returnees as soon as they get back to campus and begin having them focus on their experiences abroad and making those experiences relevant as they transition back to life at Richmond.

Who May Participate

Students, faculty, and staff who are recently back from a significant experience abroad are welcome to register. Students registered for the study abroad returnee Wellness course will be required to participate.


The Return typically requires 60-75 minutes to complete--best in comfortable walking shoes and with a mobile device. Participants sign up to begin at a specific time and place on campus and are met by a volunteer for a brief orientation. Then they're off on the solo trek. Registration takes place via SignUp Genius.

The Next Iteration

Look for announcementts coming later this fall!