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South Africa - 2018

The 2018 International Faculty Seminar will take place May 14 - May 27, 2018 in South Africa. The seminar will be co-led by Dr. Elizabeth Ransom, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Dr. Martha Merritt, Dean and the Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education, and will be preceded by several months of personal research and on-campus presentations, during which the country will be studied through an interdisciplinary lens.

Questions about the content of the Seminar can be directed to Martha Merritt.

Seminar Participants

Jory Brinkerhoff, Associate Professor of Biology

Laura Browder,  Professor of American Studies and English

Denise Burnette, Professor and Samuel S. Wurtzel Endowed Chair of Social Work, VCU

Sandra Joireman, Co-leader, Professor of Political Science and International Studies

Kasongo Kapanga, Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Todd Lookingbill, Associate Professor of Geography, the Environment, and Biology

Nicole Maurantonio, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies

Martha Merritt, Co-leader, Dean and the Carole M. Weinstein Chair of International Education

Elizabeth Ransom, Co-leader, Associate Professor of Sociology

Noah Sachs, Professor of Law & Director, Merhige Center in Environmental Law

Carol Summers, Mitchell-Billikopf Professor of History

Amy Treonis, Associate Professor of Biology

2018 Faculty Seminar to South Africa
Day 1: Scholar Patrick Bond of University of Witwatersrand discusses Johannesburg\'s development with participants during the hike.
Day 2: Faculty Seminar participants pose with an elephant skeleton after a meeting with the Department of Zoology at University of Pretoria.
Day 2: Participants travel to ARC-Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute and meet with Deon

Bakkes who works for the Agricultural Research Counc...