You may have always dreamt of studying abroad or you may have come to the idea recently. Either way, you’ll want to begin to think about your study abroad goals and what you hope to get out of your study abroad experience. Things to consider range from academic and cultural goals to finances, so be sure to think through all of these before diving into the options.

Each study abroad program sponsored by the University of Richmond is described in detail on our Gateway Abroad portal, which you can use to search programs by criteria such as program type, academic subject, minimum GPA, language of instruction, or housing options. You can use this feature to start building a list of programs that meet your criteria so you can discuss it with your family and advisors at UR. We encourage you to keep an open mind, consider options that you might not have thought of before, and ask lots of questions. As you explore the program options, keep in mind that we’ll ask you to list three (3) program choices as part of your application.

For Business Majors Only

Business students may apply to study abroad on any UR program; however, you will be permitted to take only one (1) business or one (1) economics course for transfer credit if you study at a non-Robins School international partner university.