Short-term Study Abroad

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to study abroad! An international educational experience can take many different forms -- whether for a week or a year. UR offers many attractive opportunities to study abroad that are intensive and focused, while often earning academic credit.

These short-term opportunities provide many of the benefits of international study with a smaller time commitment that allows students to remain engaged and involved on campus. While theymay be for a shorterperiodoftime, they are highly rewarding, and areavailable for students whose needs aren’t met through longer study abroad opportunities.

Several programs and departments regularly offer courses with short-term study abroad experiences.

Types of short-term opportunities

  • Through an academic course
    Some short-term programs are linked to credit-bearing courses and provide real-world illustrations of points made in class. An example would be the annual spring break visit to financial houses in London, an experience that is part of an Accounting course, or through the EnCompass program. Students usuallyapply to take part in the trip by registering for the class.
  • Research or field work
    Faculty sometimes invite students to accompany them abroad to assist with research or field work, usually on a non-credit basis. An example might be a summer archeological dig in Italy. Students apply to take part by speaking with the faculty member in chargeor being invited to participate.
  • Through a UR organization or group
    Many non-academic departments organize enriching short-term programs abroad, for example, the basketball teams’ exhibition games abroad or aconcert tour by one of the University’s musical groups. Eligibility to take part in many of these experiences depends on one’s membership in a team or a group, but some are open for application from the entire student body, such as the Chaplaincy’s Pilgrimage Travel Experiences.
  • Individual activities abroad
    The Office of International Education, the Center for Civic Engagement, the School of Arts and Sciences, the Jepson School of Leadership, the Robins School of Business and other University offices and departments offer funding to support approved international activities by individual students. This funding is typically used to undertake research or provide volunteer service abroad in the summer, or to support participation in international conferences at any time of the year.