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Parents play an important supporting role in a student’s study abroad experience. Students are encouraged to include their families in the research, selection, and application process.

Parents are encouraged to further support their students as they prepare to study abroad:

  • Encourage their student to learn about their chosen host country
  • Talk with their student about the health and safety information distributed by the Office of International Education
  • Serve as a sounding board as students move through some of the natural stresses and challenges that come with living in a foreign country

To stay informed throughout the study abroad cycle, parents are encouraged to read all materials given to their student by the Office of International Education and/or the host university. The parents’ FAQ answers many questions that come up throughout the study abroad cycle, including those about costs, health, safety, and program logistics.

The Prettier Ugly American

The Prettier Ugly American,” published by The Washington Times, raises important issues that every parent should know and discuss with their student prior to departure to their host country.