C-LAC Section Proposal Form

Students can register for an approved C-LAC section on BannerWeb within the first five weeks of classes. 

We encourage faculty to complete this form within the first three weeks of classes, or by ​Friday, September 15, 2023 for the Fall 2023 semester. Once submitted, we will review it quickly and respond to the proposal. If approved, we will also notify the registrar's office with a request to create the C-LAC section.

If you have taught a C-LAC course in a previous semester, please contact Ellen Sayles, Associate Dean of International Education at esayles@richmond.edu to request the course to be reopened. 

C-LAC sections are led by the faculty member in charge of the course, or by C-LAC Assistants chosen by the professor in consultation with the C-LAC coordinator. 

Please fill out this form and click on "Submit" to propose a C-LAC section.

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C-LAC sections may emphasize reading and/or conversation in the target language, independent research/writing projects, or a combination of these. They should normally meet at least ten times during the semester, each session lasting approximately one hour. However, C-LAC sections that center around research/writing projects and require significant independent work may meet a minimum of five times during the course of the semester. Some meetings may be replaced by online discussions, primarily in Blackboard, but also in chat-board discussions or blogs.

Additional resources for faculty are available to view here.

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