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Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (C-LAC) offers quarter unit, pass/fail courses in a variety of languages. C-LAC sections are small discussion groups taught by a faculty member well versed in a second language or by selected international or bilingual students called C-LAC Assistants. All C-LAC sections are offered in conjunction with primary courses throughout the curriculum, including FYS, political science/social sciences, arts/literatures, science/health, business administration, professional and continuing studies, and leadership studies. The purpose of C-LAC sections is to ensure that Richmond students acquire cross-cultural competency through the use of their language skills in the context of another discipline. C-LAC students will generally meet once a week for a roundtable discussion of assignments in the target language, accommodating the range of fluency present among the students. Some faculty might choose to provide students with the opportunity to complete research projects instead of the weekly meetings. A C-LAC course will not count toward a major or minor. No more than one unit of C-LAC credit may count toward the total number of units required for a degree.