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C-LAC Sections

Fall 2017

Students signing up for C-LAC courses must be registered in the main course and must have completed the COM2 requirement in the target language.

More sections are being added. Please check back frequently for the most updated information.


HIST401: DS:STALINIST HIST - undergraduate
Dr. David Brandenberger
C-LAC Option: Russian


C-LAC sections will appear on Bannerweb under Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum. Current course listings with a C-LAC component will appear under the appropriate language category. For example: An Economics 102 course with a C-LAC Spanish section will display as:

C-LAC    250    01    AS    1.000    SPAN LAC: ECONOMICS 102

Students will be able to register for these courses after the first round of registration has passed. During the first week of the semester, professors who teach courses with a C-LAC component will announce it in class, introduce the C-LAC assistant (if any) to the students, allow for some time for questions and answers and pass around a scheduling form for those who are registered.

Contact Information

Questions about the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Program (C-LAC) should be directed to Anthony Russell.