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Leading or Sending Students Abroad

Faculty often ask why merely study the world when you can experience it. Students benefit greatly from the many faculty and staff at Richmond who create ways to travel abroad with students that complement courses and programs on campus.

International Education serves as the clearinghouse for a range of advice and services to faculty and staff who are planning and designing trips abroad for students. We’re here to make sure that trips follow the university’s standards of safety and academic rigor.

In fact, your success is our success. Our staff works to ensure all University-affiliated plans receive planning support and approval to provide the enhancing value that travel abroad can add to courses and programs at Richmond.

If you are uncertain about how to plan a trip abroad or whether a specific endeavor would be considered to be University-affiliated, please contact Patrick Schweiger, study abroad manager.

Leading a group abroad

For faculty and staff led experiences, support will be offered to ensure that you are able to make the most of this experience in a way that deepens the learning for your students and yourselves. This can take place through consultation with our office as well as other faculty and staff members with expertise in taking students abroad. If you are planning to lead a group of students abroad, please see the page on organizing short-term trips abroad.

Funding independent student travel abroad

Each year, about 65 Richmond students are awarded funding from offices across campus to attend conferences, intern, engage in volunteer projects, or to conduct research abroad in about 35 different countries. The majority of these students are funded through the UR Summer Fellowships programs. We encourage faculty and staff to have conversations with students regarding using this funding to form an intentional and rewarding international experience.

Patrick Schweiger, study abroad manager, who supports and advises students on preparing for their international experience, welcomes contact from you or your students.

UR Summer Study Abroad

Every summer, UR faculty lead students on study abroad experiences for academic credit that allow students the opportunity to engage with their professors in another culture and context. If you are interested in proposing a summer study abroad course, please contact Ellen Sayles, associate dean for international education and director of education abroad, regarding the proposal process. Please visit the Summer Study Abroad site for information regarding upcoming summer programs.


While we encourage student’s inquisitiveness and determination to travel abroad and engage with different cultures, the safety of our students is our top priority. Given that we live in a complex world, certain destinations or activities may pose an increased risk. The university will assess proposed locations for these risk and safety concerns. As part of this assessment, the IE consults many different sources of security information, both public and private, and is aware that there can be substantial risk in many countries (or parts of countries) that are not covered by Travel Advisories. Also, certain activities may be more risky if they are carried out abroad.  For these reasons, a proposal for University-affiliated travel to a country that is not under a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory Level 3 may be revised due to safety concerns. 

The UR Travel Advisory policy addresses concerns about the health and safety of students during international travel to countries with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory Level 3 or 4. Please review the policy for more information.

If you are uncertain about whether a specific location or activity would be considered to present substantial risk or to further discuss your plans, please contact Patrick Schweiger, study abroad manager.