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Would you like to participate in the Student Ambassador Program?
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This program is a "buddy" program that matches new international students with returning UR students. Please submit your application from the brochure in your red orientation folder or online.

Would you be interested in having a host family?
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This program matches new international students with Richmond alumni, faculty and staff who are interested in befriending an international student at the University of Richmond. Students do not live with their host families. Please submit your application from the brochure in your red orientation folder or online.

Please check the places that you would be interested in visiting. Feel free to add any places that are not listed. This list will be used to plan trips throughout the year.

American Civil War museums Jamestown, VA (1st English settlement in the New World)
American Civil War battlefields Williamsburg, VA (important area in Virginia colonial history)
Sciene Museum of Virginia Yorktown, VA (battlefield in American Revolutionary War)
Virginia Museum of Fine Art Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. President)
Art galleries Virginia State Capitol
Plantations (settlement or colony) Downtown Richmond
Blue Ridge Mountains Washington, D.C.
Virginia Beach Other:

Please check the activities you would be interested in doing. Feel free to add any activities that are not listed. This list will be used to plan trips throughout the year.
Civic Engagement (volunteering for research for social service organizations, experiential learning, service learning, internships, community service projects, study, research, public presentations or articles on social issues)
Working on diversity issues
Working on women and gender issues
Performing or visual arts (painting, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, photography, reading poetry, creative writing, etc)
Communications (student newspaper, University radio station, web design, etc)
Making presentations on your home country and culture
Making presentations or writing articles about your religion
Visiting houses of worship for various religions
Gathering with other people from my faith tradition for:

  • Conversation
  • Dinner
  • Service
  • Worship/practice/prayer

Working on anti-bias projects to eliminate religious, ethnic, and cultural bias resulting from 9/11
Writing articles on travel, culture, study abroad, and other international issues for publications
Language assistance (tutoring students in your native language, drill instructor, translation, etc.)
Events (organizing, catering, room set-up, working audiovisual equipment, publicity, etc.)
Working as a student assistant in the Office of International Education