Passport Week

Spider Undergrads:
Be ready when global opportunity knocks.

During UR's Passport Week -- September 18-22 -- International Education is offering advising for new and renewing U.S. passports for Spider undergrads. In addition, students are eligible for free passport photos and reimbursement of standard application costs -- that's a value of more than $150!

Choose a convenient time slot to visit our office and fill out and/or have your passport application materials checked before making an appointment at a local Post Office and submitting your materials. We can provide applications, answer questions, check forms, and will give you with a checklist to see the process through to reimbursement.

The Details...

  • How?
    1. Decide where you will submit your application. 99% of UR undergrads will need to submit their passport applications in person at a Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility. Click here to see exceptions.

      Click here for places you can submit your application. You may need to make an appointment; please check now to be sure you get one in time.

    2. Make sure you have US Citizenship Evidence (the right kind of birth certificate or previous US passport, if applicable). Must be original and official.

    3. Make an appointment at the International Education office to…
      1. Have us check your form DS-11. We can provide a hard copy or you can complete it online, print it, and bring it to us (see below for details). Do not sign this form until you submit it in person at a Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility.
      2. Get a voucher good for a free passport photo from One Card.
      3. Have your supporting documents reviewed & copied, if necessary.

    4. Get a passport photo -- available free from One Card during the week of Sept 18 – 22 if you have gotten a voucher from International Education. Otherwise you can get this from AAA, CVS, Walgreen’s, etc.

    5. Submit your application in person at a Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility.

    6. Be reimbursed. Send your receipts to by November 1 and UR will reimburse you for the standard application fee for a book-type passport ($130) + the “execution fee” ($35) collected by the facility where you submit your application, for a total of $165. See fees here.

      For additional fees, you can request expedited processing and shipping of your passport, and/or a passport card (valid for travel by land and sea but not by air).

      UR will reimburse for expedited processing and shipping only for students who have applied for one of the EnCompass programs and will not reimburse for passport cards.
  • What is needed?

    Take the following with you when you submit your application in person at a Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility.

    • Photo ID (i.e., driver’s license)
      • one copy of photo ID, front & back
    • Form DS-11 (or possibly DS-82), completed but not signed
    • US Citizenship Evidence
      • one copy of US Citizenship Evidence, front and back
    • One passport-format photo
    • Previous passport (if you have one)
    • Payment(s) - You will need to make two separate payments:
      • The application fee (base amount is $130) can be paid by check or USPS money order.
      • The “execution fee” ($35) can be paid by USPS money order at any Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility. Some also accept checks, cash or credit cards.
  • Application Pointers

    Passport Application Form DS-11

    This must be submitted as a paper form. You can do any of the following:

    • Complete and print it using the online form filler
    • Print it (single-sided) from this site and complete it using a black pen
    • Pick up a hard copy at a Post Office or Passport Acceptance facility, or at International Education, and complete it using a black pen

    If completing it by hand:

    • Be neat. It won’t be accepted if your writing is not very clear.
    • If you make a mistake, start over. It won’t be accepted with cross-outs, white-out, etc.
    See full details at the State Department passport instructions page.