Study abroad in Spain this summer.

Study abroad in Spain this summer.



May 16 – June 21, 2024 (five weeks)

Addressing the needs of both students and student-athletes, this program takes your training into Seville, one of Spain’s most important cities, balancing academic, cultural, and athletic activities. With a full-immersion language program, participants are quickly able to apply their lessons to real life in the houses, stores, and stadiums of Seville.

Seville (Sevilla) is the capital city of Andalusia (2.5 hours from Madrid), one of the most visited, colorful, and historically significant regions of Spain. It is perhaps best known for being one of the most important Moorish kingdoms of the Middle Ages and the center of trade with the New World during the colonial era. In addition, many of the typically “Spanish” cultural phenomena that attract tourists (flamenco, bullfighting, tapas, orange trees and olive orchards) are identified with this southern city.

All participants will have the opportunity to study Spanish in a university classroom and train in a private gym under the supervision of the program on-site athletic coordinator, as well as attending local sporting and cultural events. Participants will have a choice of residing with a Spanish family in a homestay or to choose a residence hall with Spanish and other international students.


LAIS 221

2 units

Intensive Intermediate Spanish (fulfills General Education Requirement COM2)

Faculty Leader

Corrado Corradini
Corrado Corradini

Assistant Director of Spanish Intensive Language Program - Latin American, Latino, & Iberian Studies

Cost & Program Information

$5,600 (homestay option)
$6,140 (residence hall option)

Costs are approximate, do not include airfare, and are subject to change without notice as a result of fluctuations in currency values and other factors.

Scholarship Assistance: UR students are eligible to apply for the Holt Summer Study Abroad Scholarship. Selected recipients will receive approximately $2,000 toward the cost of an approved UR Summer Study Abroad program.

Student Athletes: You are eligible to apply for a Weinstein Grant to provide reimbursement toward the cost of airfare. The application deadline is February 15. More information and the application can be found here.

Students who anticipate needing additional financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid and/or the Program Leader about external funding opportunities. Many external scholarships have early deadlines (e.g. in December or January), so students are encouraged to begin this process as early as possible.


Program participants have two housing options:

  • Housing in private homes with carefully selected host families. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the host family. Living with Spanish families gives students the opportunity to learn more about Spanish language and culture outside the classroom.
  • Housing in residence hall with other international students.
What's included?

The program cost includes transportation, entrance fees, lodging, gym membership, and most meals during excursions, as well as comprehensive health insurance to cover most medical problems students may experience while abroad. The faculty leader and program assistant will be on-site during the entire summer term to assist students.

Program participants may also have the opportunity to attend various Spanish amateur and/or professional sporting events in Seville's area.

Ready to apply?

Application Deadline

February 15

Apply online through Gateway Abroad, our study abroad application portal.