Future Cities


Dr. Todd Lookingbill, faculty leader


  • Richmond Day 1: Monday, May 2
    Welcome breakfast at CCE, info-session, campus Sustainability tour, wastewater plant tour, Slave Trail walk, dinner in the city

  • Richmond Day 2: Tuesday, May 3
    Breakfast at CCE, West End Public Library, tree planting, baseball game

  • Richmond Day 3: Wednesday, May 4
    Science Museum, Digital Scholarship Lab

  • Richmond Day 4: Thursday, May 5
    Sankofa Community Orchard, Market at 25th tour

  • Richmond Day 5: Friday, May 6
    Presquille National Wildlife Refuge

  • Richmond Day 6: Saturday, May 7
    Presquille National Wildlife Refuge

  • Richmond Day 7: Sunday, May 8

  • South Africa Day 1: Monday, May 9
    Depart UR for Cape Town

  • South Africa Day 2: Tuesday, May 10
    Arrive in Cape Town

  • South Africa Day 3: Wednesday, May 11
    Orientation, Eastern Food Bazar, Slave Lodge, District Six Museum, Bo-Kaap, Cape Malay cooking class

  • South Africa Day 4: Thursday, May 12
    Robben Island, Reclaim Camissa, Cape Town Water and Sanitation Department

  • South Africa Day 5: Friday, May 13
    Islanda Institute, Langa Township Experience

  • South Africa Day 6: Saturday, May 14
    Cape Point Nature Reserve, Baboon Matters, Boulders Beach Penguin Colony

  • South Africa Day 7: Sunday, May 15
    Oranjezicht Farmers Market, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch Gardens, mid-program reflections

  • South Africa Day 8: Monday, May 16
    University of Cape Town campus tour, research group meetings, National Association for Clean Air

  • South Africa Day 9: Tuesday, May 17
    Centre for Environmental Rights: Environmental Justice, Abalobi: Social Entrepreneurship annd Conservation

  • South Africa Day 10: Wednesday, May 18
    Stellenbosch, invasive species walk, Sustainability Institute, farewell dinner

  • South Africa Day 11: Thursday, May 19
    Final reflection session, Depart Cape Town for Richmond

  • South Africa Day 12: Friday, May 20
    Arrive in Richmond